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Project Logistics

Project Logistics Investing in a business partnership with MAX-Line means, that you have become part of the most comprehensive project logistics management team available.

To treat your cargo with the same meticulous attention and careness as we do with the persons we work with and for is our prime principle.

Our specialists possess profound ex­pe­rien­ces in the import / export business and that knowledge is put to use in creative ways for each client.

By barge, road, train, sea or air - we always try to find the best economical and cost effective solution for your projects.

Project Logistics Truck

Project Logistics Container

Because you are not just our client, but also our partner, MAX-Line always makes certain to focus on the fact that quality service must be performed, while still maintaining a pricing structure that is beneficial to you.

To meet the needs of your individual shipments we are designed to provide you with a high class service - if required - 24/7.

To keep projects moving towards their final destination we are always creating backup plans. Foreseeing and avoiding potential problems such as scheduling, weather or service coordination is our daily job.

You will have one fix key contact during the entire project and if need be we are working 7 days a week to guarantee you a smoothly in-time delivery.

With MAX-Line you will get the MAXimum of Service and Logistic Knowledgement.